AnUAE4All 1.3.0


An UAE4All port for Android. UAE4All is an Amiga 500 emulator originally from Chui mainly for playing old Amiga games. Like the original UAE4All, some games are rather tricky to make it work, so basically only suitable to experienced UAE4All user.

IMPORTANT: Require your 512k Kickstart ROM in .rom format, and Amiga floppy disk image in .adf format. Make sure your sdcard can be accessed through /sdcard.

We appreciate any rating, comments and suggestions, but in case you need some answer, please check description below or email us directly. FAQ will come soon.

This app is based on various UAE4All ports and AnDOSBox, for GPL enquiries please email to developer.

- Work in Fast mode or Compatible mode
- Support multiple savestates in both Fast mode and Compatible mode
- Emulate from 1 to 4 floppy drives
- Select between 200/240/256 scanline
- Support Hi-Res mode
- Portrait or Landscape mode with free resize
- Support Sound
- Work with Software and Hardware keyboard
- Support entering special keys like Ctrl, ESC and Function keys
- Support Virtual TrackPad, Virtual Joystick, and Pen Mouse mode

Limitations for this version
- Require 512k ROM.
- Compatibility is limited (similar to other UAE4All ports).
- Floppy only, not support harddisk.

Known Issues
- On some device it failed to call out the software keyboard. In this case, try holding the "menu" hardware key, or turn on (menu->input mode->show keyboard fix).
- Some program will not compatiblity with Pen mode, please use Trackpad mode in this case.

General Tips
- Require 512k Kickstart ROM, have better compatibility with v1.3 ROM.
- Check out UAE4All compatibility list from internet.
- If "Disk Error" is reported and cannot proceed, restart the emulator and try again.
- If have problem running some program, try switch to another emulation (core) mode.
- Savestate will bind to the disk inserted in Floppy Drive 1 BEFORE the emulator started, disk change after that will not change the binding.
- Use "menu->buttons->show buttons" to check hidden buttons and joystick area.
- To avoid accidental mouse click, switch to Joystick mode/Scroll Screen mode, or turn off "Tap screen as Click" from "menu->input mode".
- Select change floppy then press Back without selecing a disk file will eject a disk from the floppy drive.
- Use Right-Alt instead of Left-Alt (or turning off "menu->input mode->map left-alt key") to type special letters on physical keyboard.
- To use D-Pad as keyboard arrows, make sure Joystick Keys is not in D-Pad mode ("menu->settings->joystick keys").
- To use Button Mapper, make sure Joystick Keys is disabled.
- Use our "GameKeyboard" or "Flit Keyboard" with it's Extra Plugin as companion if needed.

Joystick Tips
There are several ways to control emulated joystick:
- Physical keyboard: Pick a suitable Joystick Keys mapping from "menu->settings->joystick keys".
- Software keyboard: Same as physical keyboard. You will need a software keyboard which is suitable for gaming, such as GameKeyboard or Flit Keyboard with it's Extra plugin.
- Built-in virtual joystick: Switch to Joystick mode from "menu->input mode", use "menu->buttons->show buttons" to check joystick area. If multi-touch is needed, better slide a finger on d-pad instead of tapping it. Alternatively, use volume keys as joystick button to avoid multi-touch problem.

Note 1: When Joystick Keys is enabled, D-Pad Center, Game Button A, B, C, X, Y, Z, L1, R1 are all mapped to joystick fire button.
Note 2: Mapping Joystick Keys to numpad allows 8-ways d-pad, other sets support 4-ways.

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